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The initial stage

Our name indicates what we do: Polka Productions take care of your textile production for you. This is our field of expertise.

The initial stage (the development of ideas into a model) is taken care of by you and other specialists. Let us explain what we mean.

From idea to model

You have thought of an idea for a textile product. You turn this into a first draft, or you have somebody to make a draft for you. The next stage is to ask a pattern maker to draw a pattern, which you will then take to a model designer. You will test and assess the model. When the model is entirely to your liking, then Polka Productions come into play.

From quote to delivery

You send us the model you want us to produce. On the basis of your model we will submit a quote. Do you agree with our offer? Then we will make a production sample. After you have approved the sample, production time begins. After four weeks (normal delivery time) you can see your idea come to life. That is when your order will arrive.

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