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A fitting solution for every wish

Whether it concerns a complete collection, or specific articles, Polka Productions have a perfect solution for every wish. Our employees operate different machines, which can handle any assignment.

Experience in versatility

Whichever fabric you want: our staff know all about it. They are not only familiar with the world of fashion and lifestyle, but also very experienced in specialist products for the health sector, the hotel and catering industry, the building industry, and the world of cycling.

Extensive machinery

In order to realize this versatility, our experts use a wide range of sewing machines: cutting machines, stitching machines, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-thread overlock machines, embroidery machines, ironing presses, zigzag machines, press stud machines, button sewing machines, and special machines for jersey.

Perfect cooperation

No matter how good the machinery is, at the basis of a good quality end product is a good working framework, and a perfect cooperation; between ourselves, but also with you. Therefore, it is important to know that Polka Productions honour their agreements.

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