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Large Quantities of High Quality

Fashion, lifestyle and children's products, industrial clothing or home accessories such as throws, soft furnishings and cushions. Also linens, like aprons, table cloths, and napkins. For clothing and other textile manufacturing in bulks and small orders (from 100 pieces and more) there is one professional business partner: Polka Productions.

60 professionals

Whether it is soft satin or coarse canvas, Polka Productions offer craftsmanship down to the last de-
tail. From the Netherlands, we manage our factory in Poland, run by a Dutch and English speaking
manager. There, no less than 60 professionals are turning your design into a high-quality end product.

Over 15 years of experience

For over 15 years now, trendy clothing brands, furniture stores, the hotel and catering
industry, and the health sector have done business with Polka Productions. They rely on
our factory with its skilled cutters, seamstresses, and modern machinery. We offer high
quality at a realistic price, with short delivery times, thanks to a well-oiled clothing
contracting firm. Therefore, we wish to convince you of the many qualities of
Polka Productions.

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