Bekijk Polka Productions in het Nederlands

Great expertise

Unlike a sewing studio Polka Productions are equipped for larger quantities. Our Polish factory has the expertise to turn your wishes into ready-made products. The work is done quickly, and attentively.

An experienced team

For years, the same experienced team of fabric experts have worked for Polka Productions; a solid team who cooperate well together; under good working conditions. These experts offer high standards of craftswomanship, and therefore you can be assured that your design is in safe hands.

Trustworthy business

Your clothes or other textiles will be manufactured in Poland. However, you do business with a Dutch company, which has its office in Gouderak. We take care of transport between Poland and the Netherlands and make sure your products will arrive on time and in accordance with our agreement. Of course, we can take care of direct transportation from our factory in Poland to you.

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